About Us

ARC Utilities Management is a Queensland based company with offices spanning from Cairns to the Gold Coast, our objective is to provide Body Corporates and Consumers with access to accurate and reliable utilities administration as well as ongoing initiatives to ensure the best outcome for all involved.


ARC provides utilities administration work to Body Corporates who operate an Embedded Network or similar. Our service consists of meter reading, the issuing of accounts to Consumers, receipting of payments and monitoring bulk supply agreements. Our product is enhanced with a 24 hour response time on requests from Committees and Strata Managers.

Body Corporate Benefits

One of our key priorities is transparency and we achieve this through monthly reporting. Each month the Strata Manager will be provided with the financial reports for the utility fund, Arrears Reports, Bank Statements along with the balance of the bank account being transferred to the Body Corporates.

Consumer Benefits

As a Consumer, you receive the benefit of a lower tariff due to a negotiated bulk supply contract. Online application forms speed up the moving in and Move out process and our pay anywhere approach allows you to make payments online, over the phone or at your local post office.

Cost Neutral

Due to our invoicing structure all fees are recovered from the consumer leaving the Body Corporate with no out of pocket expenses, a monthly invoice is issued to the body corporate to itemise overall funds paid for utility services.

Bulk Supply and Consumption

Bulk Supply Agreements are where the benefits to the Body Corporate begin which is why monitoring this agreement is so important, ARC review each invoice from your retailer and make recommendations to the Body Corporate regarding irregular bills and possible adjustments to the on-sell rate to consumers.