I just moved in, how do I get connected?

We have an online application form that you can use to be connected, simply complete the application form and submit along with any supporting documents; alternatively, you can download and print the form at the bottom of the move in page and complete, once completed fax or email the form through to enquiries@arcutilities.com.au

How do you measure my consumption?

Each unit or lot in the Body Corporate’s Embedded Network has an individual meter; these meters are read either remotely or via a meter reader who attends the site at the end of each billing period. This ensures that each lot is only paying for the electricity they have consumed.

How do you calculate my account?

Four parts make up the amount on the bottom of your account:

  1. Consumption – The consumption is measured by reading each lots individual meter
  2. The Tariff – The tariff is set by the Body Corporate based on a negotiated Bulk Supply Agreement
  3. Service Fee – This is the contracted amount agreed to for the provision of utility services
  4. Rebates – If eligible and you have provided a completed rebate form a Rebate will appear on your invoice. This is issued in accordance with the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water.

You can calculate your bill by multiplying your consumption by the tariff and then adding the service fee and rebates.

My consumption looks too high, what can I do?

If your consumption looks higher than normal, we can arrange a check read to be performed on the meter, there may be a cost, which is outlined in your application form. We also monitor billing cycles in an attempt to identify consumption levels that are higher than the average user for the building.

How can I pay my account?

We accept most methods of payment including cheque, BPAY, Credit Card Online through our website or at any Australia Post branch. If you would prefer setting up a direct debit, please contact us and we can send you a Direct Debit form. If you are concerned about a payment date or need an extension please contact our office direct on (07) 5552 0717.

I am experiencing Financial Difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulty that is affecting your ability to pay your account on time, please read our Hardship Policy and if eligible, you can submit a Payment Plan Application which we will process on your behalf in accordance with the hardship policy terms.

Can I claim any Rebates?

If you are eligible for an Electricity or Concessional rebate please complete the form on the bottom of the Move in Application page, or alternatively contact us direct. If you are unsure if you are eligible, please visit the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water Supply website. You will not be provided a rebate until you provide your concessional details to ARC Utilities via a rebate form.

I have a life support system, what do I need to do?

If you require a life support system it is important that you provide ARC with a letter from your medical practitioner, this will ensure there will be no interruption to your supply.

What are your office hours?

ARC is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. If you have an interruption to your supply outside of business hours, you will need to contact your onsite manager or Body Corporate. ARC are not responsible for outages caused by the electricity retailer.